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Puzzles are a unique and great tool for promoting your location, event, or organization.  In addition, they can be used for fundraising

Puzzled@ has worked with groups to sell customized  puzzles before, during, and after an event.  This approach not only provides advertisement for your event and a souvenir for those attending, but provides a source of revenue.  Other groups are raising capital for a specific project and the income from the sale of the puzzles is one means to do so.  

Puzzled@ will work with you and your organization to create a custom puzzle to fit your fund raising needs that will be both promotional and financially beneficial. We can use an image that you provide or we can work together with you to develop an image appropriate and unique to your project or location.  

Please visit our "Contact Us" page and share your thoughts or questions to begin the Puzzle Partnership Process.   We look forward to working with you.

Specialty Jigsaw Puzzles for Unique Locations & Events