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Welcome to Puzzled@  
We are a company producing specialty jigsaw puzzles with images of unique locations and events.  Our puzzles are suitable for keepsakes or for fund raising purposes. 

Puzzles are great exercise for the brain and help build and improve motor dexterity.  But mainly, they are just plain FUN!
All of our puzzles come with a "Fact Sheet" and flat image of the puzzle inside the canister.  The "Fact Sheet" provides interesting information about the location or event depicted in the puzzle, including references to "Learn More About It".  The flat image makes an easy reference for piecing the puzzle together.
We take pride in creating and producing our puzzles in the USA.  We use recycled materials whenever possible. In addition, our canister container is designed to use fewer materials and reduce packaging and shipping costs. Our puzzles are typically 18" x 24" and about 550 pieces making them challenging but not impossible! 
We look forward to doing business with you.

Specialty Jigsaw Puzzles for Unique Locations & Events